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I am Awkward and Cursed
at least the person on the phone was nice about it

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★ Ennis' Oh God Please Help Me Commission Beg Post! ★

I am a broke-ass nonbinary queer trans person in zir twenty-first year of life who is presently in the process of trying quite desperately to save up money to move my gay little butt all the way from South Florida to western Canada in approximately five months’ time.
The move will not only remove me from an environment where my identity and sexuality are invalidated and disrespected, but also free me up to pursue such wondrous things as hormone therapy and surgery.
While I do have a proper a job in a restaurant near my home, the wages I earn and hours I am given are not really enough to support this move on its own, and lack of availability to reliable transport of my own, paired with the fundamental failure of South Florida’s public transportation system leaves very little possibility to take up a second job.

Thusly, I with my limited-but-not-wholly-unpleasant art style turn to you, internet!

Other examples of my work ::
some images linked below incorportate gore, nsfw themes, as well as allusions to/expressions of self harm

Sketch color ➤  

Flat color ➤

Spiffy ➤

If you would like to purchase a ‘page’ in any of the listed styles, please let me know and I would be more than happy to work with you to figure out a price!

Additionally, I am also available for writing commissions!
I charge a flat rate of $1 per 100 words, and will round down if I go a mite over.
I am perfectly comfortable writing all kinds of nsfw goodness as well as fluff and platonic exchanges, and will write for preexisting fandoms or original characters.
If that is something you would be interested in, please let me know and I will provide you with a few samples of my writing.

If you are interested in a commission of any kind (or are otherwise a kindly soul and would like to donate a quantity less than five dollars) please email me at so we can discuss payment and what you would like for me to make for you!

If you cannot or do not wish to commission me yourself, however, I would greatly, greatly appreciate signal boosts of this post!
Blessed be!! థᴗథ

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gemsona because for real with this bizaroo coloring style it had to happen eventually
also its transparent whoo


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Doodled some of my lil dragon babs uwu ❤

Tried for the most part to use their actual palettes. Some liberties had to be taken for Jehoel and Yofi, because, uh, no fleshy tones there, but I tried to stay as on point as possible.
Foooor example, all of their eyes, as well as 100% of Auric, Zephyr, and Mnemosyne’s palettes were eyedropped directly off their images.

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the downside to worshipping a protection warrior mother goddess is that you basically have a second, omnicient mom

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lil vincent doodle because bored

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I was upset so I drew a lil trans magical girl and I’m feeling a lot better now

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"Yeah, that makes sense. Anyone would choose that. After all, no one wants something that’s broken."